Use the following page to get a ballpark figure of the prices at Pacific Tax 1040. We think you'll find our prices to be very reasonable. We're also very quick. Read about our advantages of our service here.

We're located in the Bay Area of California, in San Mateo County (the Peninsula), in the town of San Carlos.

If you know which tax forms you need to file, check out the Quotes By Form Filed page.

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W2 Wage income
1099-INT Interest from a checking or savings account
1099-DIV Dividends from a brokerage account
1099-B Capital Gains and Losses
1099-S Real estate transactions
1099-G Unemployment Income
1099-R IRA conversions, re-characterizations, etc
1099-T Tution
1099-MISC Business income
K1 Income from corporations, trusts, partnerships
Deductions Deductions such as mortgage interest, property tax, charitable contributions, state tax, etc

Additional charges apply if you use other forms, or have a large number of line items or foreign currency conversions, or need to recompute depreciation or cost basis for AMT, or you require additional postage.

Some charges may be reduced. For example, if you have a very simple Schedule C, the fee will be less than that quoted above; if you have a 1099-R for a rollover only, then there is no charge; if you need a form 4562 only because of a Schedule K1, then there is no charge; if your interest and dividends are very small, the charge for 1099-INT is reduced; if you only need 1040-EZ the cost is $60; etc.

Here are the documents we need to see in order to prepare your return.