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Are you frustrated, confused, or just plain scared about your tax return? Tired of paying too much? Consider having your taxes done by the professional Bay Area tax preparers at Pacific Tax 1040. We're located in California but have customers from other states as well. We prepare federal and state tax returns for all US states, and focus mainly on individual tax returns. We have very affordable/reasonable prices, and great customer service. If you're running your own business, renting out your home, have complex stock and stock option transactions, or have foreign accounts/transactions we can help.

According to our customers, we're very fast. We have a quick turnaround time and a reputation for accuracy. In some cases our prices are even cheaper than Turbotax. Prices start as low as $60 for simple 1040 return before discounts, and that includes free eFiling. Few companies in the Bay Area can compete with that. Check out our quotes page for prices.

Personalized service, affordable prices, and guaranteed accuracy are what you can expect from the tax preparers at Pacific Tax 1040. We pride ourselves on our great customer service. We're CTEC certified and are up to date with the ever-changing tax laws. We go out of our way to find deductions and answer all your questions. We cover almost everything — mortgage interest, property tax, vehicle license fees, education credits, kiddie tax, business expenses, home office, depreciation, employee non-qualified and incentive stock options, charitable contributions, estimated payments, reporting of foreign accounts, etc.

When we finish your return we'll upload it to the website, and it is all very safe/secure (we use https and two-level password encryption). Even after we file your return, if you have an odd question about taxes or related issues, we do our best to answer you as fast as we can and won't charge a penny. You may read more about the advantages of our service here. We're committed to donating part of our revenues to charity.

Pacific Tax 1040 donates regularly to Direct Relief. They help out after storms, hurricanes, and such and perform vital health services throughout the world. According to Charity Navigator they have 4 out of 4 stars, which means they are extremely well managed. Please learn more and consider making a donation today by clicking the picture below. Direct Relief International

To send us a secure mail, or to create an appointment please create an account. If you live in the Bay Area we can meet with you. You may also send us a direct email from our contact page, but be advised that messages sent over email are not secure, so be sure not to send send sensitive information such as birthdays and social security numbers.

Discounts: If you contact us before February 15, you'll get 25% off your order. If you contact us between February 15 and March 15, and you'll get 10% off.

25% off until February 15 10% off until March 15

Preparing your own taxes

If your return is simple enough, there's no need for a full-service professional tax preparer. You may want to do your own taxes. Check out our library page (available from the navigation bar at the top of every page on this website) for articles about taxes. We have articles about the California use tax, medical expenses, Obamacare with timeline, understanding the alternative minimum tax (AMT), understanding the marriage penalty, and many other topics. You may contact us for free if you have any general or specific questions about the tax laws! Now that's extremely an extremely affordable price!